Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Cancerversary!!

Two years ago today I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Since then I have:

Gone to too many doctors appointments to count,
Had tons of tests, scans, and blood work,
Shed many tears,
Lost my hair and grew it back causing me to endure every bad hairstyle in between,
Let a surgeon cut off both of my breasts and take all the lymph nodes he could get his hands on out of my left armpit,
Remained breastless for 11 months, which in turn caused all my clothes to not hang right,
Finished 17 rounds of chemo,
Suffered a GI bleed, which made it doctors have now poked or proded every nook and cranny of my body,
Was told I had non-invasive cervical cancer,
Agreed to have a plastic surgeon take my back muscle and skin to create a couple Frankenboobs,
Suffered many weeks with drains,
Endured post-op complications,
Had saline added to my Frankenboobs 7 times,
And I still have more to do, but....

I'M ALIVE!!!!!

Happy Cancerversary to me!


  1. Your strength and courage never cease to amaze me. *hug*

  2. You are one amazing person Beth! God is sure watching over you and has a plan for you to help others with this horrible disease. You are a true inspiration to me. Happy Cancerversary!

  3. mammamia i was reading down your list, i was thinking "more??? how can 1 person take all this" but then i remembered this is your blog and you are an AMAZING person. keep smiling girl, it suits you! ;-) may God bless you with many many many more years. hugs

  4. You are an inspiration to me! I'm done complaining!! Praying for you daily!!

  5. You are one of the strongest most sincere people I have ever met! Your willpower never ceases to amaze me! Your are always in my thoughts and prayers! Keep on being who you are...that resilient smiling person who always lights up any ones life you touch!