Monday, June 14, 2010

The little Gavin that could!

Remember how I signed Gavin up for Little League? Well, it was a HUGE adjustment since he was coming in with only t-ball experience (which he hadn't played for a couple years). He has struggled all season learning all the rules and techniques. He hits the balls at home and lately even at practice, but for some reason he could never get any hits during a game. I'm not sure if he was intimidated by the child pitcher or if it was the inconsistency of the pitches, but he was always so upset. There were many tears, but he NEVER asked to quit.

WELL......Saturday night was his night!!!! He got 2 hits!!!!!! The one was a double even! I cried and the whole crowd erupted, because they knew what a struggle this season has been for him. I'm so happy for him.

The best part is that after he got that first hit, he stepped to the plate with confidence. I think we are finally going to see the player I know he can be!

Oh and the best part is, my PTA friend's dh helps with the team and he told Gavin last week if he got a hit during a game he would throw him a party and earlier Saturday I told him if he got a hit, I would buy him this Star Wars Lego set he wanted. So he gets rewarded in more ways than one.

He is so proud of himself and I couldn't be prouder.

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