Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Before cancer I never went to the doctor.

After cancer I go all the time and hate it!

For months now I have been dealing with what seems to be allergies. My PCP has me on 4 medications to try to control it, but I'm still miserable. I have a constant pressure headache behind and around my eyes, my eyes go blurry off and on and ache when I look around, my nose constantly runs (clear), my throat is sore from drainage, and my lungs ache (It feels like I'm getting a cold, but never do).

I went to see an ENT.

He sent me for a CT of my sinuses. It showed sinusitis (no infection, just inflammation). I did both inhalant and food allergy testing. All was negative. He doesn't know what the hell is causing all of these symptoms, so he has referred me to an immunologist to have my immune system checked out.

I am so frustrated. What the hell is wrong with me? If it weren't for the constant pressure I would just throw in the towel, but since I am ready to drill holes in my face to relieve this pressure, I won't.

My appointment with the immunologist is Nov. 19th. The same day I go back to the ophthalmologist to have my left eye checked to make sure my nevus is not mets.

I am so stressed.

What is wrong with me?

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