Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today the protocol nurse called me to let me know which study group I am in. Of course I got placed in the group that I absolutely did not want. Let me explain why....In this group I will have 4 cycles of drugs 1 (one dose every 21 days), then 4 cycles of drugs 2 (one dose every 21 days), then I will have the mastectomy, and have 10 more cycles (one dose every 21 days) before I can have my reconstruction. I WILL HAVE to WAIT ATLEAST 210 DAYS TO HAVE RECONSTRUCTION!!!! My oncologist is very happy I'm in this group, so I know it is a good thing, but I really didn't want to have to wait so long to have the reconstruction and the whole battle will now be more like 2 years rather than 1 year. That is a long time.

I picked up some prescriptions they called in for me today. I will start on a steroid tomorrow and then they also gave me Nystatin to use on days 2-6 after treatment for mouth sores, and Compazine for nausea. This is coming up way too fast. They said I should expect to be at the office for 4 hours getting my treatment and I have to be there at 9 am Friday. I feel like skipping town.

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