Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well it seems as though my treatments will be starting back up soon....

Two days ago my radiation oncologist's office called me and said that since my drain would be coming out the next day, they wanted to set me up with an appointment to get everything done, so radiation could begin next week!!! That startled me a bit, considering I thought I had a little more time. I thought I would atleast have a couple more weeks, but they said as long as the drain was out I was able to start.

Well yesterday I had an appointment with my surgeon. He took out my drain and told me I only needed to stay wrapped a couple more days until the incision sealed itself. I don't think I remember what it feels like to be ace bandage free since I've been wrapped for almost 2 months! That will be a treat! LOL! I told him how the radiation oncologist wants to begin radiation so soon and he made it quite clear that he does not want me to start until after I have had my port put in. We then scheduled that surgery for March 9th. He said he doesn't anticipate me having any more issues with fluid accumulating at this point, but if I do I will need to call him and it will push back the surgery date. So, as long as everything goes smoothly, it looks like my chemo and radiation will begin in March.

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