Friday, March 13, 2009


It has been a little while since my last update, so I will do my best to remember everything that has been going on.

I'll start with something funny....since my last update I have found I have a new left side where the drain was, makes a wonderful farting sound when touched! I guess that should go away, but for now it is quite entertaining! If you see me I'll show you! LOL!

Here is a video of the noise...

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Moving on.... March 6th, I went for to get a second opinion regarding radiation. This doctor agreed that I do need to have radiation. He said he would probably do 28 treatments with the possibility of 4-5 more. The other doctor said 36 with the possibility of more. I am told that the difference is not a big deal. The only thing this second doctor was questioning was whether I should be able to get the chemo and radiation at the same time. The area they need to radiate will hit 10% of my heart and lung, which puts me at risk for problems as it is. He was worried that I will be possibly increasing this risk by doing them at the same time. He suggested I have my doctors do more research and see what the protocol study says about this.

This doctor was absolutely wonderful and I felt so much more comfortable with him than I did with the other one. He was very thorough in his exam, which I really liked. Both doctors asked the common question of whether or not I have any pains. The thing is I have been having pain in my left hip for the past month, everyday but not constant. The first doctor just skipped over it. This doctor immediately asked if I had told my medical oncologist about it (at the time I hadn't). He had me doing a series of things to assess the pain and told me that although the assessment seemed okay, he would definitely advise me to have this checked out with an MRI or a scan, because it could be bone mets (cancer in the bones). I love how he would rather be certain than assume. The only downfall with choosing to see him is the drive....45 minutes one way, 5 days a week. UGH!

March 9th I had my port placement surgery. Everything went well. My surgeon was able to put it where my first port had been, so no new scars!!!! YAY! I was pretty sore for a couple days, but I'm doing well now.

Today I saw my oncologist for the first time since December. I asked him if the protocol study states whether or not it is safe to do chemo and radiation at the same time and after looking over the research we found that it is. I discussed my feelings about choosing which radiation oncologist to go to and he agreed that I should go to the one that is further away if I felt more comfortable there, so they faxed the study information pertaining to doing radiation while on chemo to my second opinion radiation oncologist and it turns out he is okay with treating me while I'm doing chemo. I have decided to get my treatments at his office, so I will be doing a lot of driving real soon! I just feel so much better having that decision made. I will call their office tomorrow to get things scheduled.

I have a bone scan scheduled for Monday morning to make sure my hip pain is not cancer and chemo will probably start next Friday. Looks like I will be pretty busy very soon! I'll update again when I get the results of my scan.

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