Friday, June 12, 2009


Today was Avastin #5 of 10....I'm halfway done!!!!

Everything is going pretty well. I haven't experience any side effects from the Tamoxifen yet and it has now been 3 weeks since I started. I'm hoping that means I won't have any. The only thing that is off, is my White Blood Cell Count is low (mine is 2.9 and 4.8-10.8 is normal). My oncologist isn't really concerned, but if it goes lower I will need to stop the Tamoxifen. They will recheck my levels in 3 weeks.

Here's a few other random updates....

*I have started exercising. Right now I am doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, with some modifications from my lymphedema therapist and oncologist. I'm trying to regain some of my strength and lose some weight at the same time. So far I've been sore, but I'm already noticing it getting easier.

*This week I have officially retired the scarves! It is weird to be without my "security blanket," but it is part of moving beyond breast cancer so it feels good. My next step will be highlights. :)


  1. How are you feeling now, this last post was a while ago, I hope the meds are still proving to have no side effects.

  2. I am feeling pretty good, but I have had hot flashes, bone pain, and my period has gone MIA. Could be worse though.