Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wow, it has been a month since my last post......I really suck! I should be better about this whole blogging thing, it would be a lot easier to blog as things happen, rather than trying to recall everything that has been going on for the last month. I swear my brain is in a chemo fog and doesn't work as well as it once did, so I should take it easy on myself. Or maybe this is good "exercise" for my brain. Who knows?! lol

Anyway, when I last posted I was exercising and awaiting highlights......

I did 11 days of the 30 day shred and then called it quits. I was having to modify the workout too much and it was getting frustrating, so I switched to Taebo. I was doing pretty well with making myself exercise each day, but then I started having bone pain. I stopped to give my body a break and I have yet to start back up. I need to do that.....

6/17 I got my hair highlighted and luckily nothing weird happened. I was very happy to not be one of the people that their post-chemo hair fell out, turned a funky color, or the color washed out in response to the chemicals.
Here's a pic....
Currently I am trying to grow out the hair around my ears and it drives me crazy on a daily basis. Everyone tells me they love it and I look sooooo much like my Mom, but I HATE it. Not that I don't think my Mom is pretty, because I do, but I just don't feel like me and I really want to. If I had the money I would go get extensions put in.
Here's a pic of my mom and I.....

6/27 I got to meet a couple more women from my mommy message board. Kellie had a picnic, so we all went to eat, drink and be merry at her house. Here we all are.....

Susan (MD), Kristi (PA), Kellie (PA), Me (PA), and Kathy (NC).
The kids had a blast.
These women are absolutely wonderful and I am sad we don't all live closer.

7/2 I had Avastin treatment #6, which leaves only 4 more to go!!! Have you noticed how I count down excitedly?! lol If everything goes as planned I will finish at the end of September, then I can concentrate on the next step.

Reconstruction can't be started any sooner than 2 months following my last treatment (Avastin causes delayed wound healing), but due to the fact that I had radiation, it may be longer than that. Just thinking about it stresses me out, so I have been stalling in regards to plastic surgeon shopping. I want to have a game plan in place by the time I finish though, so I pulled my head up out of the sand and made an appointment. I will see a plastic surgeon in Greensburg (who I have seen already) on the 14th and then I see another in Pittsburgh on the 30th. I hope one of them will put my mind at ease, because right now the thought of surgery freaks me out. I am soooo afraid I will end up with results I am not happy with. I hate not being in control.

Well that is pretty much my update. Sorry it is all over the place, but that is how my mind works these days. I promise to try to blog as things happen from now on.

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  1. I have just finished reading your whole blog. I laughed at your farting armpit, cried over your hair and laughed at your tattoo (you could have gotten a permannet one...who'd know? LOL). Cried again for your surgery and was jealous of the Poppy get togethers. You are an amazingly strong woman and I am very proud of where you are now after where you have been. I will be following your journey and will keep you in my prayers.