Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today I went to see my gynecologist to see if he could tell me why I've been feeling like such crap. He said my uterus looked good, but my cervix is almost fused shut with scar tissue (from the cone biopsy I had in October). The uterine pain could be my period trying to start back up (Chemo has it MIA) and it can't get out or I could have an infection. Not really sure. He is having me come in next Tuesday for an ultrasound and then he wants to recheck me in 2 weeks. He did mention (again) that the gynecological oncologist recommends that I have my uterus and ovaries out. I then replied (again) that I do not want that! lol So for now I will take my 2 antibiotics and wait to see what the ultrasound shows.