Monday, November 23, 2009

It's always something!

Seriously, will it ever end?!

Friday I went to see my PCP, because I felt like I had a kidney infection. I had the flank pain, a low grade fever, pelvic tenderness, and urinary urgency. They checked my urine and it had some white blood cells in it, so my doctor prescribed an antibiotic and said he would send my urine to the lab to be cultured. Well, here it is Monday (day 4 of antibiotics) and I still feel like crap. My doctor's office called me, the culture was negative, so I don't have a UTI. Now I need to call my gynecologist to see if he can figure this out. I will do that tomorrow.

This afternoon I had to go to Magee for a Muga heart scan. This test tells my doctor how well my heart is pumping. All of the chemotherapies I have had can cause heart damage, so they have to periodically check it. This was my 3rd one since diagnosis. The test was uneventful, but I was a bit freaked out by the tech. Just as I was finishing up, she asked me what hospital I had my last one done at. I told her and then she asked "Was it normal?" It may have been totally innocent and routine, but "canceritis" makes me think OH MY GOSH, SOMETHING IS WRONG! My doctor will have the results in 24 hours, but I my appointment isn't until next Tuesday. Let's hope it is normal.

Surgery is only 15 days away, please pray that none of the things going on make me reschedule.

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