Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update #3

This is Beth's mom: God is so in control of this day. Nicole and I just got back from eating a late lunch. She put our things down onto our seats and I walked up to the desk to ask if the OR had called. She had just put the phone back onto the hook, saying, "just a minute" to me. She walked through the waiting room doors and said, "Gibbons family..." I said, "that's me." How about that for timing. It was almost the same way for our last update. I asked at the desk, the clerk dialed the OR, handed me the phone, and Peggy, the updating nurse, said, "I was just going to call you." I say all that to say again, "God IS in control, and we are so thankful!" Anyway, the news is that everything is going very well, and they will update us again when she is nearly done. That should be about another two or so hours. We'll keep you updated. Thanks for your prayers.

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