Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can you tell I love pictures?!

Here are some of the recent pictures from my camera...

Me, Tristan, and Scarlet. Tristan LOVES holding Sissy. <3

Camille is trying to grow her bangs out and most of the time it drives me crazy, so I started pulling them back. At first she thought she "looked stupid" or "bald" but then after one of her friend's told her she looked cute with her hair like that she told me "Mommy, I was walking passed the mirror and now I like my hair!" lol Here is a pic of how I've been pulling it back. It looks a bit wild here, because she had been playing, but you get the idea.

We got another snow storm over the weekend, so we had Isaac (Jeff's brother's son) over so the kid's could play out in the snow together. They had a blast!! Here they are looking in through the window at me.

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  1. Beth - Missed you at the conference but from all the pictures that were taken it looks like you had a blast, LOL!