Saturday, March 20, 2010

Never a dull moment around here!

I can't believe I'm even typing this, but we got a call just after midnight last night saying that Jeff's little brother, J.D. was in an accident. He is 21 years old and was at a party. They had a fire and were riding their four wheelers. Well I guess they were jumping this little hill. J.D. did it and didn't realize there was a truck parked somewhere on the other side, so at the last minute he tried to miss it and rolled his four wheeler. His ear was 3/4 of the way off, so they life flighted him. Around 2 a.m. they did surgery and were able to reattach it, but they aren't sure if it will take. He still may end up losing it. Other than that he just has some brush burn.

I am just blown away by the fact that J.D. and Erika are the same age, knew each other, were in the same class at one point, and they both lose/almost lose the same (left) ear at the age of 21! Is that not crazy?! Let's just pray that J.D. doesn't lose his.

Then sometime in the afternoon I get a call from my sister, Jess saying that Dad was burning some stuff and the field caught on fire. I grabbed the kids and ran over.

Tristan wanted to help out the fire fighters!

The firemen were able to put it out rather quickly and my Dad was lucky enough that it didn't spread far enough to require a fine.


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