Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baseball season is coming soon!

Last night I registered Camille for Coach Pitch and tonight is Little League registration for Gavin. I'm excited, because I love watching them play, but I am sooooo nervous for Gavin! He is more shy than Camille, not really competitive, and not as outgoing. He is hard on himself when he messes up.

Plus he never got to play coach pitch or machine pitch (due to my diagnosis and then last year it wasn't offered), so he is going from T-ball straight to Little League. That is quite a jump. I spoke to the President of Little League last night and he said he might get a little beat up at first (EEK!!!), but if he ever wants to play he has to jump in, there is no other way. He does pretty well when we play with him at home and my dad is going to work with him, but I'm seriously a nervous wreck worrying about how he is going to do. I don't want to scar him. This is competitive and T-ball wasn't!

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