Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Adventures of Babysitting!

Today I watched Jeff's cousin, Jamie's baby boy, Liam Sawyer. He is a month old and sooooo sweet.

The adventure started when I went to pick him up. Jamie and I had a heck of a time getting the car seat's base figured out. After struggling for some time and breaking a sweat, we managed to get it secured. I drive home, walk in the door, and within 5 minutes everything went haywire....

I picked Liam up out of his car seat and started to give him the rest of his bottle. I'm feeding him and all of the sudden I feel something warm. He had peed through his clothes.

No big deal, it happens.

I put him down so I could get him changed and he spits up. I wipe his mouth and then strip him down. When I reach into the diaper bag to get another outfit and the wipes out, I realize that the extra water Jamie had sent leaked all over everything!

Luckily, I managed to find one outfit that only had a small damp spot on it, so I put that on him and then threw everything else in the dryer.

I pull the wipes out and they were all dried out! There were more in the bag, but I thought it was funny that I grab the dried up ones. It was just one more thing that went wrong!!

Poor Liam!! We had a rough start, but after that everything went well. He's such a little sweetie pie!

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  1. hey how are you? visited your site a few times and havent heard/seen anthing new and thinking of you. hope all is well.