Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miche Hope Bag

A friend who I went to school with, but have not seen in forever, contacted me on facebook telling me about this Miche Hope bag. A portion of every purchase of this shell goes towards cancer research and she wanted to order it for me. It came in the mail yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!

Thank you sooooo much Alyssa! You have always been there for me in one way or another and for that I love you. You are such a generous, caring person.

Remember my first day at Marion Center? It was the first day of fourth grade. The buses let us all go and we were all scrunched into the staircase heading into the school. I had no idea where I was going, didn't know anyone, and I started to cry. You grabbed my hand and led me to the cafeteria. You were my hero and friend ever since. <3

Here's an old school picture of Alyssa and I. This was taken when we were in 9th grade on the band trip to Florida.

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