Monday, May 17, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

This past weekend was our local Relay for Life event. My friend Jenn flew in from Arizona and Kellie and her two children drove in from Robesonia to attend and to stay for the weekend. Beth's Believers managed to raise over $1,500 this year and we are already planning big things for next year.

Here are some pictures...

Jenn painting Camille's face

Camille the bunny

Camille and Jenn

Emma the butterfly

Camille and Emma

Me and Jenn

Our tent. This year's theme was "Score Against Cancer".

A guy showing his support at the relay by having me paint a breast cancer ribbon on his face.

The face painting was a HUGE hit! There was a line non-stop both Friday and Saturday. Here is what it looked like most of the time.

Friday night they always have a survivor reception, that is followed by a survivor lap. This year I did the survivor lap with an 11 year old boy named Drew. I went to school with his parents, but haven't seen them in years or ever met their children. Drew had leukemia when he was 3 years old. During his battle he kicked butt and has been cancer free ever since. He was telling me all the things he remembers from that time and I was surprised at how much he told me. He is an amazing little boy and I pray he remains cancer free.

His mother tells me I must've made quite an impression, because there is now a sheep in their barn named Beth. I will have to meet my namesake at this year's fair! lol

Here is a picture of Drew and his sister.

Here we all are at the end of Friday night. We turned off our lantern, so people would stop lining up and just relaxed.

Jenn, Camille, and Jeff

Gavin and Wyatt

Kellie and Emma

Me and Kellie

Jeff and I

Me and Jenn chillin' Friday night. Kellie was exhausted and fell asleep.

Saturday I had the opportunity to meet one of the women from my breast cancer board (YSC). Wendy and her daughter Kiera are both so sweet. I just wish we wouldn't have been so busy, so I could've spent more time talking with her.

Here is Kiera showing off her first ever face painting. I feel privileged to say I did it!! Not too shabby, huh?!

Wendy and I

Wendy and Kiera
Wendy was diagnosed while she was pregnant with Kiera.

My luminara

I wanted to include my girls.

Here I am holding the donations we got from doing on-site fundraising.

Jenn and I

I had so much fun this year, but didn't get near as many pictures as I had wanted to, so I have to give a shout out to those who were not pictured. Amanda, who helped face paint Friday night, my sisters, parents, and cousins who all stopped in to do their laps on the track. It means a lot to me!

Post-relay chillin' pics coming soon!

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