Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

I will start with the bad news and then move on to the good stuff...

The bad news...
On June 16th, Jeff fell asleep while driving to work. He is okay, but as you can see, his truck is not. I've been worried about him for quite some time, because he falls asleep ALL THE TIME! It doesn't matter if he's eating, watching TV, or driving. He also snores and I think he stops breathing while he sleeps, so I am guessing he has sleep apnea. Hopefully it is obstructive sleep apnea and can be fixed with surgery.

I made him an appointment to see his PCP tomorrow. I really hope he can give us answers or at least send him on his way to getting them. Jeff could've been killed or killed someone else. I'm too young to become a widow, it has to be taken care of now!

The not too bad, but annoying and ugly news...

I look like I'm abused or an IV drug user! My arm has several large bruises where they tried to get an IV started a million different times. Seriously, there are at least 11 puncture holes that I can count, where they tried different veins and were unsuccessful. Some of those holes were used more than once even.

No joke, 3 different nurses tried several times, plus I had blood drawn at least 3 times. My poor arm was so sore. Now it is just ugly!

For some reason the bruises don't show up very well in the picture, but it gives you an idea of how it looks.

Now moving on to the good stuff...

Tomorrow afternoon we are leaving for Robesonia, PA. Our friends, the Mungers are having their annual picnic, so we will be going for our second consecutive year.

Last year we had a blast! Here's a pic of the Poppies (my Mommy message board) who were there. Kristi, Kathy, Me, Susan, and Kellie. It is amazing to see how much my hair has grown and how far I've come since then.

Kathy, Susan, me, and of course Kellie will be there again this year and Jess, who I was also friends with in high school, is coming for her first time. It will be fun to have the girls all together and just relax.

Then Sunday, Jeff will be leaving to go back to work and the kids and I will follow the Maurice's back to their house in North Carolina! I am venturing way out of my comfort zone by taking the kids by myself, but I am so excited! I hope it will be liberating to accomplish such an adventure. Wish me luck and hope that the kids are good, since it will be lots of hours in the car.

I've decided that I am done letting fear determine what I do and don't do. You never know how long you and the people you love have, so don't let opportunities pass you by. That is my new motto!

Oh and before I go, here's a recent pic, so you can see my hair progress...

I'm feel more like myself every day!

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  1. mamma mia you are looking good girl. God bless!
    my mama suffers from a mild form of sleep apnea, its not that bad that she needs to sleep with a machine plugged into her! please make sure your husband has it seen to, you're right - way too young to be widowed.
    have fun on your picnic, looking forward to the pix!
    hugs becky