Saturday, August 14, 2010


The kids and I had eye appointments today. No big deal, I go, get an examination, pick out a new pair of glasses, and call it a day. Well, I should know by now that nothing is ever that simple for me.

Due to my cancer history and the fact I am taking Tamoxifen (which can cause plaques) she wanted to dilate my eyes and have a look around. Since it was just the kids and I, she said I could have retinal mapping done and it would tell her the same thing without my pupils being dilated, which then I would be able to drive. I would just have to pay $30 since the insurance doesn't cover it. Fine, we do that and it shows I have one dark spot that she thinks is a nevus (freckle or a mole on the eyeball). This kind of thing could turn into a melanoma or another kind of cancer, but right now it looked benign. I guess they will have to watch it.

Fine, I guess I'm good right? Well no, there is also a small thing that looks like a retinal tear, but she has never seen one that small, so she dilated that eye to look at it that way. She said she isn't sure what it is, so she is referring me to an ophthalmologist.

I can't even freaking go to the eye doctor without a problem!!!!!!!!


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry. :( You're one up on me though, I have completely avoided going to the eye doctor. My onc scolds me every time I see her.

  2. Thanks Nicole. Now, go make your eye appointment!!!!