Friday, November 26, 2010

Yes, we are that kind of crazy!!

It is tradition to go Black Friday shopping with my sister(s). We usually leave around 2:30 a.m., but this year we decided to hit the stores that opened at midnight, before we hit the rest of our usual madness! So as I sit here typing, I have been up for 36 hours and over 12 of those hours were spent shopping!

Last year Jess and I went alone. She was having contractions and I felt like I had a UTI. We didn't let those little things stop us though, because we are hardcore! I can remember getting in the door and puking. lol

This year I was broke out with a very itchy rash (not sure what med is doing that), so I took Benadryl, which in turn made me sleepy and let's not forget I am still sore. I was a hot mess, but we still managed to have a blast. There is nothing like sisters, who are sleep deprived and on a mission. There are always tons of tears that run down our cheeks as we bust a gut laughing!

Erika went to one store with us this year. While we were fighting our way through the store there was a very ignorant man who made a comment about how someone was going to get run over, then he looked at Erika and said "looks like someone already did." She said "Thanks a lot asshole" and then walked around trying to cover up her eyebrow, so no one else would see. :( People never cease to amaze me with their dumb comments. Do they not think before they speak?!

As you can see we get a bit goofy!

Sometimes we really need a break, but just can't stop shopping! This is our compromise!

We always find atleast one hidden treasure! This year it was A FANNY PACK!!!!!!

Too bad I didn't buy it. Doesn't it look like it was made for me?!

After we finished our shopping, we hung out at my parent's house. The kids made turkeys which I think turned out absolutely adorable!

And so begins the holiday season!