Monday, December 13, 2010

There is a STALKER among us!!!!

Hello stalker! I know all about you. I know that you have been here and stolen one of my pictures that I posted. You then went as far as forwarding that picture to a certain someone, who you knew would try to cause problems.

Don't worry you accomplished what you set out to do. "The person" tried to cause problems, but you'll be sad to know, he did not succeed.

You see, it doesn't work when the person who is saying horrible things about my sister isn't worth the time. He can say hurtful things all he wants, but it isn't going to work. Breaking up with him was the best thing she ever did and she knows that! He only continues to prove it.

I love you little sister and couldn't have been more proud of you than the day you woke up and realize you deserve better, MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!!!

P.S. Stalker, keep your grubby hands off of my pictures. They are my property and you do not have my permission to use them.

Now back to my regular scheduled blogging......

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