Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whatsup doc?!

Today was my one week post-op appointment with my plastic surgeon and of course I woke up to it snowing. Why wouldn't it snow the day I have to drive over an hour away?!

By the time I went to leave, I had to push about 2 inches of snow off of my car. It was really coming down fast. I was kinda worried that the slushy roads might get worse and give me a hard time.

Luckily, it slowed way down and the slush that had covered the roads melted. By the time I drove home, the roads were clear and it was only slightly flurrying. Thank goodness!

So anyway, back to my plastic surgeon appointment....Everything looks good!!!

No fluid accumulated, so there is no regret of leaving my old friend Mr. JP drain out of the picture and I got to find out what went down in the OR. I had been dying to know if she was able to do the revisions without the cadavier tissue and as it turns out, she was. I guess I won't be a member of the "Dead People Skin club" with Kim afterall. :(

She actually used my own tissue to create the sling and then stitch everything down. Now I have to be careful and let everything heal for about 6 weeks, which is an eternity. She recommends I wear an underwire bra to keep everything in place while it heals, no lifting above my head, or pulling anything too heavy. I can however, run the sweeper with my left hand and do things as long as I am careful with the right side. I will be able to feel when it starts to pull on the stitches, so I'll just let that be my guide. I go back in 6 weeks. Pretty easy appointment if you ask me!

Oh and a quick blurb about my headache issue...

They are still here EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!
I am still frustrated and haven't called any doctor about it.
My ENT's office called me to see how my immunologist appointment went.

My ENT is absolutely wonderful. It really is a shame I don't have any allergies and won't be needing him. He is so thorough and really cares about his patients. I spoke with his nurse and filled her in on how the appointment went down and how I am now writing off all doctors. She put me on hold so she could relay the information to the doc and before I knew it he was on the phone. He gave me the name of a good neurologist and said that if it isn't headaches causing my "allergy" symptoms (rather than the allergy symptoms causing the headaches) then he will be left scratching his head. He wants me to see this woman and let him know how it goes.

I haven't made the appointment yet.

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