Monday, January 10, 2011

Iciing on the cake?

No, even better, nipples on the foobs!

I went to see my plastic surgeon today and she said everything looks great. I should be good to get my nipple reconstruction in March, as long as the hospital's schedule permits. They will call me to schedule soon.

So, I know you must be curious as to how they make the fipple (fake nipple), right? Well here's something I found that explains it better than I ever could...

In modern approaches to nipple reconstruction, the nipple mound is created from skin taken as a local flap on the reconstructed breast. Various local flaps have been described, including the Skate flap, the C-V flap and the Star flap. Regardless of which approach your surgeon chooses, the outcome will be a nipple mound. The areola can then be either tattooed, or it can be reconstructed with a skin graft taken from elsewhere on the body. Common donor sites for the graft include the abdominal scar from a flap reconstruction, the inner thigh, or the buttock crease.

My doctor said it is a very outpatient kind of surgery. It will only require a local anesthetic, so I will be very awake and shouldn't have much pain at all. She describes the procedure like oragami.

Then the tattooed aerolas will be done after summer is over, so it doesn't ruin my summer (you have to be careful so they don't get infected).

Soooooo, I'm getting closer to the reconstruction finish line!! YAY ME!


  1. Yay!! Good for you! And hopefully one day soon my turn for reconstruction will come - thanks for the nipple info!

  2. Reconstruction is such a long process, but so far I think it is well worth it. When do you expect to start yours?

  3. Oh man, it feels like ages away. My surgeon told me 3-5 years but I'm wanting to push for sooner as the waiting list here is 12-18 months long.

  4. Wow, why do you have to wait so long?