Friday, March 18, 2011

17 days later

It has been 17 days since my surgery and I am still adjusting to having these fipples. Don't get me wrong, they look much better, but they still have scabs, crazy sutures sticking out, and are big. My plastic surgeon told me I could stop wearing the nipple guards after 14 days, but I'm scared to go without. I have visions of them ripping open or ripping off and can't bring myself to take any chances. How crazy is that?!

Maybe it is just my lack of sleep catching up with me and that is really the reason I am now one fry short of a happy meal! I can't remember the last time I have had a good night's sleep. Since I had the procedure 17 DAYS AGO, Jeff has started sleeping like a wild animal. His arms randomly go flying crazily at me and I have to stay on guard in order to block him. Oh and he also has reverted back to snoring, so he also sounds like a wild animal. Nice, huh?! Isn't it bad enough that I can't sleep on my belly and I feel like I have to be conscious of my every movement in order to keep the fipples safe?! Seriously, I NEED SLEEP!!

On a different subject, for a while I have been entertaining the idea of having some guest posts on my blog. I have had a few emails asking me if I would allow them and I also have some people in mind that I would like to ask. I share as much as I can about how cancer has affected me, but I also want to share what it is like for other survivors and the people around us. I want to bring in a different perspective. I don't want to give anything away, but I have already asked my first person, so look for my first guest post from a very special person soon.

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