Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relay for Life 2011

This year we managed to raise $2,786.83!

Here are some pictures...

As you can see, we did face painting again this year, which is always a huge hit!

This is a picture of me and 4 year old Kadie Stonebraker. She is fighting neuroblastoma. You can read her story at

She is quite the amazing girl and her parents are amazing. My prayers are with them.

This is my AMAZING friend and lymphedema therapist Amy! I love her to pieces!

Jenn made cake pops to sell. Each one had 3 breast cancer ribbons on it, to represent the 3 years I've been surviving! She is the sweetest!

My favorite masterpiece this year!

Wendy who I met through YSC stopped by for a little again this year.

My nephews

And our annual after relay fun pictures....

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