Thursday, May 29, 2008

The kids

Jeff took the kids to T-ball and told them in the car on the way home. The nurse at the woman's imaging center suggested that this would be a good way for them to feel comfortable asking questions. Gavin was fine until he got out of the car. He burst into tears and came running over to me to hug me. He is my sensitive one and is taking it rather hard. Jeff read the kids the book they gave us today also. It is called Our Mom Has Cancer and it goes through all the steps of treatment. I think it really helped. I feel so bad that they have to go through this at all, but honestly I'm sorry I have to go through it myself. The RN had told me everything happens for a reason and the reason may be that I will someday be an oncology nurse and who better than someone who has gone through it. The thing is that was the reason I got into nursing in the first place, so it is kind of ironic.

Oh and later Gavin went upstairs to his room and then came down to give me a little slip of paper and then took off crying back upstairs. The note said I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I told him to come back, because he didn't need to cry by himself. I explained to him that it is okay for him to cry, because daddy and I both have cried all day. I also told him that it is okay for him to be scared, because it is a scary thing, but I will be okay in the end. I think this is going to be very hard on him I think I may need to send a note to his teacher asking the guidance counselor to speak to him about all that is happening. I'll see how he is in the morning. I'm sooooo lucky to have my kiddos. I don't know what I would do without them.

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