Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yesterday I had an appointment with my oncologist and had chemo. While I was there I asked the doctor some questions that I have been pondering over. First I had to ask if he thought I would have radiation. He said yes, so I then asked if they could do it at the same time as my last ten cycles of chemo, so it wouldn't add more waiting time until I can have reconstruction. It turns out they can. He didn't think so at first, but he did more checking on the protocol study outlines and found nothing that says they can't do it that way! What a relief!

I then started asking questions about whether or not I should have both breasts removed. He said that he didn't really think it was necessary, but there is a gene test they can do to see if you carry the BRCA gene that makes you high risk for breast cancer. He gave me the information on it, so I can call and make an appointment. There is counseling that goes with this, because it is a huge deal if you find out you are positive. This could mean Camille carries it too and she would have to grow up knowing that.

Anyway, other than feeling like complete crap after chemo I had a great appointment and was very happy to get some answers.

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