Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I went to talk to a plastic surgeon about my future reconstruction. He started out talking with me about the types of reconstruction that could be options. First he said that he thinks I am too thin to do the method that they use the abdominal muscle. He would probably have to use the muscle from my upper back and then use a skin expander and an implant to create the breast. He assured me that they can make them look really good and will make sure they match. So, that was good.

Now to the bad news...He told me that if I have to have radiation (I was told I probably would) he will have to wait 6-9 MONTHS post radiation before he can do any type of surgery, because radiation makes the skin tough and not pliable!!!! That made me want to puke and cry all at the same time. I already have to wait 10 cycles after my mastectomy and now I could possibly have to wait even longer! :( He recommended that I come back for a consultation about a month after my mastectomy, so we can plan things when we know more. I will definitely be talking to my oncologist about all of this on Friday when I go for chemo. I'm just so upset by the whole situation.

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