Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Green means GO!

I went to see my oncologist and he gave me the green light for surgery! My EKG just showed I had an irregular rhythm, my chest x-ray and my muga heart scan were both good. I updated him on everything that has been going on since I had last seen him (all my gyne issues) and he insisted on scheduling me for a bone scan, due to the back pain I have been having. I go Friday.

I also had my pelvic ultrasound this morning, so I hope to hear from my doctor this week. All the tech said was my endometrium was thick. That could be indicative of my period getting ready to start or it could be from the Tamoxifen. There is no real way for them to know the cause. I'll just wait and see what my doctor has to say.

Surgery in 7 days!