Thursday, December 3, 2009

I went to see my plastic surgeon today. We went over all the risks and post-op restrictions associated with my surgery, and I signed my consent. She then sent me over to see a doctor at Magee's pre-op center to make sure he agreed my EKG was okay for me to have surgery. He said that it is "abnormally normal" and I do not need to worry at all.

On the drive home, everything started to really hit me and I could barely keep from crying. I'm afraid of all the pain I will have to go through. I'm mad I will have more huge scars on my body. I'm sad my children will be worried sick about me.


Tomorrow is my bone scan.

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  1. All the things you experienced in the car are why I haven't had reconstruction. I can't stand to put my husband and kids through anymore right now.