Thursday, March 25, 2010

If these things get any bigger.....

Today I went for what may have been my last expansion! My doctor added another 60 ml of saline to both the left and right expander. I really like the size I am now, but she is having me come back in two weeks just to make sure I am truly happy. If I'm not, she can add more saline. I then have to wait a minimum of 3 months before I can have the expanders replaced with implants. It is longer than I expected, but I can deal with it.

We discussed my silicone vs. saline dilemma. I told her that I am really leaning toward the silicone. I don't like how the saline expanders feel like boulders sitting on my chest. Seriously, that is no exaggeration. These things are HARD! She explained that the saline implants will be softer than the expanders, but they are definitely harder than the silicone. I like the projection I have now with the saline, but I want the feel of the silicone. If I can accomplish the best of both worlds, I will be thrilled. My doctor said she thinks I would get great results with the silicone and would be very happy with them. I guess she has never had a patient pick the silicone and then wish that they had chosen the saline. What really put me at ease is her telling me that if I end up totally heartbroken and hate the way I look with the silicone, then she will replace them with the saline and I won't have to wait the 10 year implant shelf life, soooooooo silicone it is!!!!

Oh and my back has finally decided to behave. The seroma (fluid) is gone and I can retire that stupid binder I have been wearing FOREVER! YAY!!!!

Things are finally coming together.


  1. I'm so happy for you Beth, you look beautiful too!! Are you growing your hair out, because I love it this length!

  2. Thanks Christine! I am growing it out. I'm just not sure what length yet.