Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My RN nursing school buddies

Today I met a few of my friends from college for lunch and drinks at Ironwood. It was really nice to see everyone again. We all bonded while we were being tortured every day of the week in school, so I miss them quite a bit.

Sue and Diana

Kerri and I

Me, Kerri, Diana, and Sue

Sue, Me, and Diana

Sue, Kerri, and Diana

It's hard to believe that May will be two years since we all graduated and parted ways.

I can't help but feel left in the dust, since I am the only one who isn't working. Kerri works at Children's hospital in Pittsburgh, Diana works at Armstrong hospital, and Sue works at Indiana hospital. I am happy for them, but just listening to them talking about work makes me realize how much further ahead of me they are. I am scared to death to apply for a job now.

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  1. why should you be scared to apply for a job????? you have a wealth of personal experience that many CANT even begin to think of. am sure that you would make the greatest nurse. GO AHEAD...