Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let the countdown begin!

Today I met with my plastic surgeon. I am fully expanded and happy with my size. My plastic surgeon said she wouldn't go any bigger even if I wanted to, because the radiated side is so tight. It looks like my exchange surgery (where they take out the expander and put in the silicone implant) will be sometime around June. Someone from their office will call me with a surgery date and I have a slip for pre-op blood work I have to get done within a month of that date. I am told it is approximately a two hour surgery and I will go home with pain meds the same day. The recovery is about 4 weeks, just due to the fact I will have incisions to heal. I am so excited that my squishy boobs are not far away! Now, what do I do with myself since I won't be making trips to Pittsburgh every two weeks?!

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