Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Checking in before surgery

Yesterday I went for pre-op with my plastic surgeon. All of my pre-op testing was good, so she drew her plan of action all over my chest in preparation for today.

FYI: Do not wear a v-neck on the day your plastic surgeon is going to draw all over you, just sayin'! I did and ended up having to walk out with my hoodie all zipped up in order to cover all the black marker lines that my shirt did not hide! lol

She said she is going to try to achieve the desired results without having to use the cadavier tissue (or as my friend Kim likes to call it, Dead people skin) as a sling, in order to try to reduce the risk of complications, but it will be there for her in case she needs it. I also may be reunited with my dear friend, Mr. JP drain, UGH!! I really hope I wake up and find out she didn't need to use one, but she said since she will be messing with the capsule it would probably be a good idea. I'll deal with whatever happens, but my fingers will definitely be crossed.

I have to be at the hospital at 11:00 and my surgery is scheduled to start at 1:00.

My sister, Erika wanted to be cool like me and will be having surgery at another hospital today as well. She will be getting another skin graft, some scar revisions, and a hair transplant to make her a new eyebrow. It is a busy day for our family!

To quickly update on my headaches and mood...

The headaches are still here. They are getting worse and are constant.

I am currently on a med strike that started on my bad day. That night I picked up the bag that I keep them all in and whipped it across the room. I picked the bag up off the floor, but haven't taken any of them since. (Don't worry, my tantrum will eventually end and I will resume my compliance.)

So, that's my update. I will check in as soon as I can to let you all know how surgery went. Hopefully the girls will be looking beautiful!

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