Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday was FIPPLE DAY!!
My friend Jenn and I had to get up at 3 am to be at the hospital by 5:30 am, so needless to say we were TIRED!!! My OR time was 7:30 and the procedure took about an hour. They put me under a light sedation and for the first time ever I remember being in the operating room. I started to feel them working on me (a little ouchy, but not excrutiating), so I layed there a couple minutes listening and eventually opened my eyes to notice I was still under the blue drape! Kinda freaked me out, but I made it through without being traumatized.

I haven't looked at the fipples yet, because there are "donuts of cushion" around them for protection and steri strips and gauze over them. Oh and don't forget the wonderful, new style of surgical bra they put me in. This one has lace and no velcro!!! Pretty snazzy in a grandma style, surgical bra kinda way! All the nurses in the recovery room were coming over to check it out, since it was the first they had seen it. lol!

So far I haven't had a lot of pain, I'm just sore. The nurse told me I have to be extra careful, because if I were to bump them I could rip them right off and bleed profusely! Now of course that is all I can think about and had a very hard time sleeping last night. I'm a belly sleeper and was soooooo afraid I would flip onto my belly if I went into a deep sleep and end up waking up in a puddle of blood and fipples laying on my bed. Hoping tonight goes better!

So for the next 2 weeks, I will be sporting these wonderful "donuts" under my bra for protection. I can shower tomorrow, as long as I put them right back on after I get out. And I go for a post-op visit next week.

I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous about seeing them when I shower tomorrow. My plastic surgeon told me to not be alarmed, but they will look huge, about twice the size they will end up. It helps that one of my breast cancer sisters sent me pictures of her fipple recovery, so I know they will look scary before they look fabulous, but I'm still scared. Seeing them on someone else helps, but somehow I fear it won't totally eliminate the shock. I've hear the words "caught in a meat grinder" used by others, so wish me luck!

Look for more news on the fipples to be coming soon!


  1. That post makes me laugh and cringe!! I can't wait for them to be fabulous!! xoxo

  2. Wow Beth I had no idea you had a blog or new fipples ;) I am so incredibly excited for you! You have been so beyond amazing through this whole journey, and I can't wait to hear how it all turns out. I never stop thinking of you, and I am reminded of you every time I see Mum's ornament up on the shelf in my living room. My prayers and my best wishes are always with you.

  3. haha you are so hilarious happy for you that you are happy with your fipples!. and no, i will not say: cant wait to see them!!! ;-)) love your kool lacy bra!

  4. You are too funny, my dear! I'm jealous of your flat abdomen! Mom