Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi, my name is Beth...

and I am a reality tv show addict!

Seriously, just ask my husband, he will tell you. Our DVR is set to record just about every reality show you can imagine. Anything from Jersey Shore to The Bachelor to Extreme Couponing. I love it all!

Well, last night I was surprised to see the girls on America's Next Top model did a photo shoot for the Warriors in Pink campaign.

Of course the way they talked about breast cancer was kind of cheesy and the girl that everybody wants to see kicked off the show does the best in the photo shoot and wins a car, but still it was nice that they tried to incorporate some awareness into the show.

I give them an A for effort!


  1. ANTM rocks and I am a reality show junkie too! I am glad to see them do something with Warriors in pink. It was a good episode with all that drama : /

  2. I love me some good drama! I am seriously ashamed to even admit how many reality shows I watch, it is BAD!!!! lol