Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Fipple Fairies,


One of my breast cancer sisters said "maybe the Fipple Fairies will show up and do their magic?" I'm not quite sure how the fipple fairies work. I didn't wake up and find a fipple under my pillow, so maybe I was suppose to put these ones under it and then I would've woke up to them attached? I didn't want to mess this up, but I'm sure I must have, because not only did the left one that was already opened up, open up more, now the right one is starting to open up as well.

Thankfully, today was my appointment to see my plastic surgeon. After checking out the fipples, my doctor said that she could understand why I am concerned. I guess it takes about a month for the dissolvable stitches to dissolve and when that happens the skin is suppose to step up and take over the job of holding things together. My skin has apparently decided to strike.

It is common for this to happen, but my left side has opened up more than she would like to see. She still believes it is going to hang on, but to reassure me, she put some steristrips over them and I am to put a gauze dressing over the opened spots. After things start to dry up (no more bacitracin) then they should tack down.

She was joking around with me saying that we should've known something was going to happen, because with me, something always does. If I ever go in for her to remove a mole, she said she will tell me it takes 3 months to heal, because although I don't do anything wrong, it always takes me way longer than everyone else to heal and recover!

So she put me on an antiobiotic, told me to change the gauze dressing once a day, and come back to see her in a week. In the meantime, she is there if I need her.

I'm still worried, but I feel so much better after talking with her. She has been so wonderful all through this reconstruction process. If she tells me she doesn't think I will lose the fipple, then I trust her.


  1. Oh my Gosh!! Well I guess you wouldn't be you without crazy things happening to you! I'm glad she was able to ease your mind and I hope those little fipples decide to attach soon! It's good to have a doctor that you trust. And I love that you always take things in stride. <3 you!!

  2. She said I won't know what to do with myself when I'm all done! lol

  3. Well I personally am ready for you to just be boring ole' Beth with NOTHING going on.:) (Except fun stuff of course.)