Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coming apart at the seams!

I had big plans of being productive today. I was going to do the checkbook, pay the bills, get my driver's license picture taken, and shop at two different grocery stores.

I did the checkbook, paid the bills, went to get my shower and that is where it ended! That is when I FREAKED OUT!

As I was undressing I looked down and saw that my left fipple is not attached on the one side. The incision has opened up approximately 1 cm. All I could think was that my fear of it tearing off had come true, just when I stopped worrying!

I shut the shower off, ran out to show Jeff, cried, and then called my plastic surgeon's office. My doctor was in surgery all day, so I couldn't see her, but they said I could go have one of the physician's assistants check it out.

Jeff and I headed down to the office.

The physician's assistant and one of the other plastic surgeon's checked it out. It isn't infected and they both think that it will be fine. All I am suppose to do is put some bacitracin on it and she thinks the opening will fill in.

I was happy to hear she thinks it isn't going to fall off, but I am still having a hard time not freaking out. All I can think about is this fipple that is already detaching, ripping more. What will I do if this thing fails?! I know I should chill out, but I'm scared.

I see my doctor on Thursday. Hopefully I will feel better after seeing her. I know her and trust her.

Please pray my fipple hangs on and my plastic surgeon can calm my fears.


  1. Stay where you are little fipple!!!

    I hope you can just take it easy today until your plastic surgeon reassures you tomorrow that it will be OK!! Love you!!

  2. Oh my goodness! That was one of the nightmares I had. Luckily nothing like this happened to my foobs or fipples. I hope everything is ok. Good luck with the healing.