Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could it be?!

Is that a light I see at the end of this reconstruction tunnel?!

I think it may be!

I went for a check up with my plastic surgeon on Thursday and she said everything looks good. There are still a couple scabbed places, but all the main incisions are closed and the fipples themselves have shrunk down a good bit. She said they will continue to shrink down even more, so YAY!!!

Since I looked so good, she took pictures and said I don't have to come back until it is time for tattooing of the aerolas! Usually they have you wait three months after you have your fipples done, but since I've had complications, she wants me to wait atleast four before I get tattooed. That puts me at July, but I would rather wait till the end of August or the beginning of September so I don't have to miss out on any swimming this summer (I wouldn't be able to swim for about 2 weeks, due to risk of infection).

An aesthetician from my plastic surgeon's office is the one who will do the tattoos, so I will get a call from her to schedule when the time gets closer.

I can't believe the foobs are almost complete! I still want to have the scars on my back revised, so I'm not done with surgeries, but this will be a big milestone no less!!

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