Sunday, May 1, 2011

The things I've learned along the way

In honor of my cancerversary that is quickly approaching (May 28th), I thought I would share a few of the things I've learned along the way. Things that the doctors don't tell ya!

1. Cancer is not just a bump in the road, it is like taking a totally different route. My entire life has been changed and will be forever.

2. You will be traumatized repeatedly by different things that happen along the way. For me, post surgery results were big offenders.

3. After reconstruction, my latissimus dorsi muscles still work, but not in my back. Makes doing certain things a little interesting for any nearby onlookers. My chiropractor thought it was crazy!

4. Sometimes I get muscle spasms and my foob will go crazy! I now know not to take my big purse while marathon shopping.

5. If I itch my foob, I can feel it in my back. TOTALLY WEIRD!!

6. I ache. I ache in my back where my muscles use to be. I ache where I've been cooked with radiation. I ache down the middle of my chest. Cancer treatment and reconstruction leaves you with lasting effects. Again, I stress, NOT JUST A BUMP IN THE ROAD!

I will stop there for now. I'm sure over the month of May I will think of some more to share, but until then, ponder those!


  1. Yeah I've been thinking that too. I was told that after I've had time to heal the aches would go away, but its been long enough and the ache in my chest where I had radiation, and the ache in my arm/shoulder/back that I get when I'm tired never go away. I've still my reconstruction surgeries to go, I don't know how those will go yet. Its definitely something that affects each woman differently but there's certainly permanent side effects the doc never tells you about.

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